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Language is a central component of human existence. With the unfolding of the so-called ‘cognitive revolution , a variety of efforts are being made to better understand what language is, as well as its place and role in cognition. In recent years, the view according to which (1) language has an embodied nature and hence it makes sense only for embodied subjects has found empirical support. On this view, i will show in the first part of the talk, language is fundamentally an “online” activity that enables us to proceed interactively in a shared scenario. Critics of the embodied view contend that (2) language has a disembodied nature and hence it enables us to enjoy symbolic distance from surrounding environment. In the second part of the talk, i unfold key ideas of those who conceive language as an “offline” activity, i.e., as something that grants interesting cognitive advantages due to its independence from sensorimotor contingencies. The impasse between (1) and (2) has generated efforts in three directions: (a) embodied theorists are typically focused on solving the so-called ‘scaling problem ; (b) disembodied theorists are in search for a solution to the ‘grounding problem ; (c) “ecumenical” theorists have been suggesting that language may be both an online and an offline activity. In the last part of the talk i offer a critical overview of these efforts and argue that they all have major shortcomings.

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Dia 24 | Quarta | sala 11 M |14:10-14:50
IC 4
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