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Colours are so familiar for us that we cannot help wondering why they can be so troublesome and enigmatic for Philosophers. They can be found in many central problems in the History of Philosophy: from Aristotle examples for exclusions by contrariety and problems for the Principle of Excluded Middle to the collapse of Wittgenstein´s early Philosophy; from the discussion on the nature of secondary qualities in Modern Philosophy to more recent puzzles in the Hard Problem of Consciousness; from natural candidates for the synthetic a priori to the refusal of a sharp distinction between shape and content in Aesthetics; from challenges for an exclusive disjunction between subjectivity and objectivity to technical efforts to precisely express some inevitable vagueness of our language. Furthermore, colours are a kind of favourite example for many central philosophical arguments, which are used systematically to support some theses and to give some counterexamples to refute many other theories. Colours spur us to philosophize. The discussion on the nature of colours resides indeed in the core of many classical philosophical disputes, such as between Locke and Leibniz, Newton and Goethe and between Wittgenstein and himself. They represent problems to theories of perception and for rule-following, challenges to classical logical principles, illustration for harmonic and holistic systems, motivation for phenomenological arguments and modal systems of incompatibility, common ground to the Gestalt tradition and puzzles for some central accounts in Philosophy of Mind. In this sense, this Colloquium will examine and discuss different and seminal ways in which colours matter for Philosophy. Our Colloquium shall advance several discussions in different areas of Contemporary Philosophy and represent a comprehensive platform for further researches and collaboration programs. It will offer a forum for philosophers to interact across old disciplinary boundaries. The talks thereby delivered will be published in a book named “How Colours Matter for Philosophy”. This volume will be an essential resource for anyone working in some central areas of contemporary philosophy, and the starting point for future research in this fascinating field. 

Scientific CommitteeAndré Leclerc, Aparecida Montenegro, Cícero Barroso, Joelma Marques, Marcos Silva, Nuno Venturinha.


23 Mar 2015 > Ocorrido há 2136 dias
23 Mar 2015 - 26 Mar 2015
10 Dez 2014 - 10 Jan 2015

March 23th, 2015 – The Nature of Colours (Subjectivity X Objectivy)


09:30 – 10:40    Hans-Johann Glock: Colours: between the subjective and the objective

10:50 – 12:00    John Hyman: The Reality of Colours

12:10 – 13:10    Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer: Subjectivity and Normativity in Colour Distinction


16:30 – 17:40    Edgar Marques: Leibniz on the Ontological Status of Colours

17:50 – 19:00    Nuno Venturinha: Goethe on Colours

19:10 – 20:10    Dany Jaspers: Colour in Cognition, Language and Philosophy


March 24th, 2015 – The Logic of Colours (plus Philosophy of Language)


09:30 – 10:40    Graham Priest: Contradiction, Dialetheism and Colour Sorites

10:50 – 12:00    Diana Raffman: Colours, Hats, and Hysteresis

12:10 – 13:10    Luiz Carlos Pereira and Gisele Secco: The Four-Colour Theorem and Four Relevant Consequences


16:30 – 17:40    Walter Carnielli: Colours and the foundations of set theory: the Principle of Ariadne

17:50 – 19:00    Jean-Yves Beziau: Interaction between Oppositions and Colours

19:10 – 20:10    Joao Marcos: Notes Regarding a Colourful Metalogic


March 25th, 2015 – The Phenomenology of Colours (plus Philosophy of Mind)


09:30 – 10:40    Kevin Mulligan: Light dawns over the colour solid: Katz and Bühler

10:50 – 12:00    Jairo da Silva: Husserl on the material a priori

12:10 – 13:10    Martine Nida-Rümelin: The special role of colours in perceptual experience                


16:30 – 17:40    Alva Noe: Colours and the fragile manifest

17:50 – 19:00    Wilson Mendonca: Disjunctivism and Colours

19:10 – 20:10    André Leclerc: Reassessing Discussions on Colour-dispositionalism


March 26th, 2015 – Wittgenstein (From the Tractatus to the  Bemerkungen über Farben)


09:30 – 10:40    Joao Vergílio Cuter: The Coordinate Space of Colours

10:50 – 12:00    Axel Barcelós: Wittgenstein on Colour

12:10 – 13:10    Marcos Silva: The fall of Wittgenstein´s (short-lived) Phenomenology: A Second Colour Problem


16:30 – 15:40    Joao Carlos Salles: On Certainty and on Colours

17:50 – 19:00    Andrew Lugg: Wittgenstein's treatment of colour and the naturalist's alternative

19:10 – 20:10    Ingolf Max: The harmony of colour concepts – bridging the early and the late Wittgenstein

Hotel Mareiro Rua Tibúrcio Cavalcante, 2380, Fortaleza, Brazil

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