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Encaminho a toda comunidade filosófica o Edital nº 57/2017-DGP – Professor Visitante Estrangeiro. O pesquisador selecionado será vinculado ao nosso programa de Pós-Graduação em Filosofia (http://www.filosofia.ufes.br/), credenciado pela CAPES com a nota 4 na Avaliação Quadrienal  2017. Toda a documentação original está disponível no Site da Progep da Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo: www.progep.ufes.br. As inscrições vão de 06/11 até 24/11.



Jorge Augusto da Silva Santos

Coordenador do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Filosofia
Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Filosofia (PPGFIL/UFES)

E-mail:  ppgfil.ufes@yahoo.com.br / (55 27) 4009-2524





Edict nº 57, of October 30st, 2017, published in the Diario Oficial da União on October 31st, 2017, nº 209, section 3, p. 61.


The Director of Human Resources of the Federal University of Espírito Santo, using her attributions, makes public that a simplified selection process will be carried out to hire a FOREIGN VISITING TEACHER for this Federal Educational Institution, in accordance with Laws No. 8745/1993 , 9849/1999, 10667/2003 and 12772/2012, with Decree No. 7,485/2011 and as follows:


1. Registration Period: November 6th to November 24th, 2017.


2. Documentation required for registration: application form according to the official UFES model, available on the website www.progep.ufes.br, in which the candidate declares to be aware of the content in the edict and in the resolution nº 38/2005-CEPE / UFES (available at www.daocs.ufes.br); copy of civil identity document, Curriculum Vitae, Research Project and a work plan to be executed during the period. The work plan should contain: (a) justification, (b) general and specific objectives, (c) research and teaching proposals, (d) methodology, (e) expected results, and (d) contribution to the Post -graduate Program.


3. With respect to the job position




3.1.1 DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY - 01 (one) vacancy for Humanities / Sub-area Philosophy - Work Regime: Exclusive Dedication - Required Degree: PhD in Philosophy with knowledge of English, Spanish or Portuguese, as well as other requirements contained in Law 8.745 / 93, Art. 2, § 7 - Entries: registrations must be sent to jaugusto.santos@yahoo.com.br with a copy for ppgfil.ufes@yahoo.com.br, also attaching all the required documentation in PDF format. - Process no. 23068.018457/2017-48.


4. Salary:


4.1 The Visiting Professor will be an Associate IV, whose total remuneration, is R$ 17,641.71.



5. Of the general provisions:


a) The registration must be made electronically by the candidate or his attorney legally constituted, in the e-mails indicated in 3.1.1 of the Notice;


b) Probable date for analysis of each candidate's curriculum vitae and work plan: December 5th, 2017;


c) Expected duration of the contract: 1 (one) year, being able to have renewals of the same period up to the maximum limit established by current legislation, which is 04 (four) years;


d) The selection process will be valid for 6 (six) months, from the date of publication of the homologation of the result in the Diário Oficial da União;


e) The selection process is governed by Resolution 38/2005-CEPE / UFES;


f) Those who have already been hired under Law 8745/93 may only be hired after the termination of the previous contract for 24 (twenty four) months;


g) Basic requirements for hiring: have the education and other requirements contained in the edict and paragraph 7, Art. 2, of Law 8745/1993 (in the act of contracting it is mandatory the presentation of the DIPLOMA, being prohibited the presentation of declaration or any other proofs, in the case of a diploma obtained abroad, the appropriate sworn translation must be submitted, as well as the revalidation and/or recognition made by  a competent Federal Institution of Higher Education with its catalogue, according to in article 1 of Decree Nº 8.660, of January 29th , 2016 and articles 1 and 4, annex, The Hague Handbook Convention); deliver ORIGINAL and (legible) copy of the documents, according to the relation available on the site www.progep.ufes.br;


h) Other documents may be requested at the time of hiring.





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