Filosofia Unisinos - Unisinos Journal of Philosophy

Filosofia Unisinos

Vol 17, No 2 (2016): May/August

Table of Contents


Presentation (85) - Adriano Naves de Brito


Ricoeur and his application of psychology to the collective (86-94) - Esteban Lythgoe
Demoktesis: Property, rights, and democracy in Robert Nozick’s Anarchy, State and Utopia (95-104) - Felipe Schwember Augier
Wearable Robots in rehabilitative therapy: A step towards transhumanism or an ecological support? (105-110) - Luca Valera
Revitalizing democracy through civil disobedience (11-120) - Juan Carlos Velasco
Self-organization and autonomy: Emergence of degrees of freedom in dynamical systems (121-131) - Teodor Negru
A note on logical pluralism (132-135) - Alejandro Villa


Philosophy South
Cognition by description (136-143) - John Bolender
Sympathy and resentment (144-148) - Alejandro Rosas
On the intentionality-relative features of the world (149-154) - Rodrigo A. dos S. Gouvea
Realism, irrealism and truth (155-160) - Nélida Gentile
Zeno-machines and the metaphysics of time (161-167) -Augusto Andraus


The philosophy of psychiatry and psychopathology (168-170) - José Eduardo Porcher
Can jinn be a tonic? The therapeutic value of spirit-related beliefs, practices and experiences (171-184) - Anastasia Philippa Scrutton
Cultural syndromes: Socially learned but real (185-191) - Marion Godman
Depressive delusions (192-201) - Magdalena Antrobus, Lisa Bortolotti
The typology problem and the doxastic approach to delusions (202-211) - Pablo Lopéz-Silva
Delusion as a folk psychological kind (212-226) - Jose Eduardo Porcher


Utilitarianism and Vegetarianism (227-232) - Peter Singer


Book reviews
A critique of Ghins’s conectivist metaphysics (233-243) - Rodrigo Reis Lastra Cid
To be computable is not the same as to be constructible (244-246) - Walter Carnielli


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