Chamada de artigos Revista Open Theology, número especial sobre: Religião na América Latina: Perspectivas teológicas e filosóficas

Open Theology" (  invites submissions for the topical issue “Religion in Latin America: Theological and Philosophical Perspectives,” edited by Charles Taliaferro (St. Olaf College, USA),Marciano Adilio Spica (State University of Midwest of Parana, Brazil), and Agnaldo Cuoco Portugal (University of Brasilia, Brazil).


The aim of this topical issue is to present a panorama of the theological and philosophical reflections on religiosity in Latin America.
The influence of churches and religions on the daily lives of the people of Latin America cannot be denied. In the same way, the great variety of religious and spiritual manifestations cannot be denied. In Latin America, in addition to the Christian majority, we find religions of African origin, religions of Native Americans, Judaism, Islam, Spiritism among others. This diversity cannot be taken as only a variety of dispersed groups that never dialogue. In many cases, we find extremely syncretic religious expressions that involve elements of various religions in order to create a new and rich expression of faith. Given this diversity, it is almost impossible to make a complete map of religiosity in Latin America. But what we are proposing with this topical issue is to advance some theological and philosophical discussions, in order to present a little of this Latin American religious variety and the challenges it brings.

Among the topics we seek to explore are:
  • Religious identity in Latin America;
  • Theology of liberation;
  • Religious syncretism in Latin America;
  • Religious pluralism in Latin America;
  • Religion and Latin American values;
  • Religion and public life in Latin America.
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