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Filosofia Unisinos
Vol 16, No 2 (2015): May/August
Table of Contents

Presentation (99)
        Adriano Naves de Brito

The peculiarity and contingency of the introspection of belief (100-118)
        Leandro De Brasi

Laws and truth-makers: A critical interpretation of M. Tooley’s
Nomological Realism (119-130)
        Susana Mafalda Lucero,  Roberto Azar

The animal is not a thing: On the ambiguity of the animal in the existential
analytic of Dasein (131-144)
        Diana Aurenque

Attention and the limits of conscious experience (145-163)
        Francisco Pereira

Democracy and the political value of toleration (164-182)
        Eduardo Fuentes

Philosophy South
Epistemology: Who Needs It? (183-193)
        Susan Haack

Book reviews
Empirically Informed Ethics: Morality between Facts and Norms by Christen et
al. (194-197)
        Laura Yenisa Cabrera Trujillo

FaLang translation system by Faboba