Filosofia Unisinos (Unisinos Journal of Philosophy)

Vol 16, No 3 (2015): September/December


With the 3rd issue of Filosofia Unisinos we are closing our 2015 volume and also the transition period into a new phase, which we have been designing for the last two years. Since I have assumed as editor at the end of 2014, the main goal of the team responsible for this publication, following the good work of my predecessors, have been to increase the impact of the journal in the international community. Although it was expected that English should play a more important role in the publication, it was not clear how to balance the tradition of a multilingual journal, with a strong and qualified presence of Portuguese and Spanish articles, with a preference for articles written in English. After some hesitation, a lot of consultation and months of weighing, we have decided to keep the journal open to that tradition and to create a new section, completely dedicated to short papers written exclusively in English and which we have called Philosophy South, a movement we have been announcing in the past issues. A call for papers was open and the reception of it by the international community was encouraging. We have received some very good contributions for the new section, but not less contributions for our traditional section dedicated to regular multilingual articles, confirming so far that our decision was right.

In the present issue we are publishing five articles written by authors from Brazil, Spain and Argentina and an invited paper at the Philosophy South section written by the well known and respected philosopher of Science Prof. Dr. César Lorenzano, from Argentina. We would like to thank him very much for generously supporting our starting enterprise. We are also publishing a translation into Portuguese of an article from Ruth Millican which is central to the debate between her biosemantics and Chomsky’s less pragmatic oriented semantics. We thank her for the opportunity to make her article accessible for Portuguese (but also, I am sure, Spanish) readers. I would finally like to specially recognize the help  Vasilis Tsompanidis had given to this journal and to my work as editor during the last two years as he was work- ing at Unisinos as a post doc. His collaboration was decisive to put the Philosophy South project on foot.

Adriano Naves de Brito 

Table of Contents

The evolution of Frege’s critique of psychologism and the Brentano school
Mario Ariel González Porta

Content and teaching of Platonism in the second century
Jorge Tomás García

Hugh Everett III’s Relative States and the Scientific Realism in Quantum Mechanics
Tiago Cunico Camara, Samuel Simon

Eliminative inferences and the problem of unconceived alternatives
Marcos Rodrigues da Silva, Daiane Camila Castilho

The metaphysical status of natural laws: A critique of Stephen Mumford’s Nomological Antirealism
Bruno Borge

Philosophy South
The structure of know how
César Lorenzano

In defense of public language
Ruth Garrett Millikan



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