6th Rio Colloquium on Logic and Metaphysics in the Later Middle Ages: When Things Go Wrong

On July 1st, July 8th, and July 22nd the PPGLM will host, in online format, the 6th Rio Colloquium on Logic and Metaphysics in the Later Middle Ages, whose theme will be:

When Things Go Wrong. Failure and Error in the Later Middle Ages

The event will be open to the public and the link to the virtual conference room may be requested from Rodrigo Guerizoli at rguerizoli@ufrj.br.



• July 1st

2pm (UTC-3 | https://time.is/en/Rio_de_Janeiro) | Chiara Paladini (Università degli Studi dell’Aquila/Universität Luzern): “Why Errors of the Senses Cannot Occur. Paul of Venice’s Direct Realism

3pm (UTC-3 | https://time.is/en/Rio_de_Janeiro) | Thérèse Cory (University of Notre Dame): “Monsters of Thought: Explaining Reasoning and Its Failures with Aquinas’s Metaphysical Model of Mind


• July 8th

2pm (UTC-3 | https://time.is/en/Rio_de_Janeiro) | Andrew LaZella (The University of Scranton): “Before the Law; or How it all went wrong: Abelard on Consent, Intention, and Paul

3pm (UTC-3 | https://time.is/en/Rio_de_Janeiro) | Hamid Taieb (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): “Do we Think the Same Thing? Some Considerations about the Multiplication of Intentional Objects in Scholastic Philosophy”


• July 22nd

2pm (UTC-3 | https://time.is/en/Rio_de_Janeiro) | Valeria Buffon (Universidad Nacional del Litoral): “Vtrum contingat hominem errare respectu boni: Or the Importance of Human Error for the Existence of Ethics”

3pm (UTC-3 | https://time.is/en/Rio_de_Janeiro) | Gloria Elias (Universidad Nacional de Jujuy): “An approach to the Scotist ens ratum”


For information about previous editions of the conference see https://riocolloquiummedieval.wordpress.com/

For further information or questions please contact Rodrigo Guerizoli at rguerizoli@ufrj.br