Inscrições ICA 2022 até 15 de Setembro de 2021

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Campus Pampulha

Contemporary Aesthetics:
Dialogues through Art, Culture and Media

By choosing the topic “Contemporary Aesthetics: Dialogues through Art, Culture and Media” as its main theme, the organizing committee of the 22nd International Congress of Aesthetics (ICA 22) aims at the increasing and deepening of the discussion by today’s practitioners of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, about the modes, through which this field of knowledge could contribute to enhance peaceful and fruitful contacts among the most different people and cultures of the world. Facing to it, the central goal of ICA22 is to promote ways to understand and share the experiences of how aestheticians, philosophers, artists, art, culture and media theorists, media entrepreneurs, architects, designers, cultural activists and researchers in the fields of humanities, social sciences and arts think the relations between art, culture and media in a way of problematizing norms and processes of naturalizing human phenomena in the very notion of culture. As a matter of fact, the nowadays quite common insertion of artistic and aesthetic research and practices in the media presupposes a critical posture towards social and political constructions involving concepts of identity and difference. Consequently, they bring to the center of the debate on culture and media not only the traditional subject matters of philosophical aesthetics, but marginalized forms of representation and experience of sexuality and gender, class, race / ethnicity and territory, technology and so forth, including the countless activities of daily life.



Link: http://ica2022.abrestetica.org.br/submission/