Archai: As Origens do Pensamento Ocidental

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nº20 (May, 2017)

Fattal, M. (2016). Du Bien et de la Crise. Platon, Parménide et Paul de Tarse. Paris, l’Harmattan

Pedro Paulo Funari

Barbaric, Damir (2015). Chora. Über das zweite Prinzip Platons. Attempto Verlag, Tübingen

Felix Herkert

Angioni, L. (2014) (ed.). Lógica e Ciência em Aristóteles. Campinas, Ed. Phi.

Manuel Berrón

Plato. Letters: Letter II

Gabriele Cornelli (Editor-in-Chief), Rodolfo Lopes

The search for the distinctively human good – Ethica Eudemia 1217a18-40

André Luiz Cruz Sousa

Eudemian Ethics,eudaimonia,human good,action,

The Doctrine of the Mean in the Eudemian Ethics

Inara Zanuzzi

Aristotle,Eudemian Ethics,doctrine of the mea

Eudemian Ethics on what is “true but not clarifying”

Raphael Zillig


Explanation and method in Eudemian Ethics I.6

Lucas Angioni


Does Aristotle have a dialectical attitude in EE I 6? A negative answer

Fernando Mendonça


Regarding the mathematical character – or not – of the Eudemian Ethics method

Fernando Maciel Gazoni

Aristotle,Aristotelian ethics,Method,Eudemia

EE II 2 1220a39–b6

Paulo Fernando Tadeu Ferreira

The Diagram of Moral Vices in Eudemian Ethics II 3

Javier Echeñique

Virtue, Vice,Mean state,Diagram

Dossier: Ética Eudêmia

Raphael Zillig

Parmenides as Psychologist – Part Two: DK 6 and 7

Nicola Stefano Galgano

Plato and democracy’s ambiguous beauty (ii): philosophy and power

Alexandre Franco de Sá

Democracy,Multitude,Philodoxy, Tyranny,Power


Rodolfo Lopes (Assistant Editor)