Archai: As Origens do Pensamento Ocidental

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nº3 (july, 2009)

The role of Seneca´s clementia in the Annales of Publius Cornelius Tacitus

Ygor Klain Belchior, Fábio Faversani

Tacitus, Seneca,Nero,Quinquennium neronis

A suspicion: About the suppose hierarchy between metaphysics and politics in Plato’s thought

Wanderson Flor do Nascimento


The ambiguous image of music in Homer and Hesiod

Roosevelt Araújo da Rocha Júnior

Ambiguity,ancient Greek music,Homer,Hesiod

Considerations regarding the preservation of classical forms in the First Churches

Regina Helena Rezende

Architecture,early Christian churches,basílic

Etymologised city: Meanings on urban space in Isidore of Seville’s Etymologiae

Luciano César Garcia Pinto

urban space,etymology,late Antiquity

The early greek prose

Katsuzo Koike

Greece,Ionia, literature,prose

Socrates against sophistic education in the Protagoras

José Lourenço Pereira da Silva


Mikhail Bakhtin and ancient greek culture

João Vianney Cavalcanti Nuto

Mikhail Bakhtin,Ancient Greece,Hellenistic Pe

Friendship and Communication: Approaching between Karl Jaspers and Aristotle

Gerson Brea

Karl Jaspers,Aristotle,Friendship,Communicati

Notes on Galeno, the notion of health and the medical-philosophical discussion on causality

Flavio Fontenelle Loque

Hippocrates,Galen,causality,antecedent cause

The hellenistic world’s eastern frontier: Textual sources on built environment and society in the greek cities of Bactro-Gandharan region

Cibele Elisa Viegas Aldrovandi


The origins of roman medicine in Pliny The Elder’s Natural History

Ana Thereza Basilio Vieira

Roman Medicine,Natural History,Imperial Rome,

The representations of power in the government of Adriano Second Dio Cassius and History Augusta

Américo Henrique Marquez do Couto

Roman Empire,Hadrian

Caio Graco and his relationship with the Equites (1st century BC): A brief analysis of Apian of Alexandria’s interpretation (2nd century AD)

Alice Maria de Souza

Apian of Alexandria,Gaius Gracchus,Equestrian

A archē na formação do pensamento neotestamentário

Jovânio Luiz Pereira