Archai: As Origens do Pensamento Ocidental

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nº2 (january, 2009)

Performance and inteligibility: Translating Plato’s Ion

Marcus Mota


On the Autodidaxía and the Autárkeia of Epicurus

Miguel Spinelli


The care of the self in Epicureanism

Thiago Rodrigo de Oliveira Costa

Epicurus,Care of the Self,Art of Living, Free

The nature of the true speech from a convergent approach in Plato and Isocrates

Robson Régis Silva Costa


Law, rhetoric and democracy – The rhetorical use of law in the forensic speech

Priscilla Gontijo Leite


Public entertainment in Rome: From Republic to Empire

Priscilla Adriane Ferreira Almeida

Public entertainment,Rome,Republic,Empire

The decorative scheme from the throne room of King Ashurnasirpal II Palace

Philippe Racy Takla

Assyria,Ashurnasirpal II,Palace,Archaeology

Civitas in civibus est, non in parietibus (de urbis excidio 6,6). History and eternal time in "civic architecture‟ of Ancient Rome in the De Civitate Dei of St. Augustine

Pedro Paulo Alves dos Santos

Saint Augustine,classical culture,'De Civitat

Greek ocidental cities and the water: Comparative study between water management in Metaponto and Poseidonia

Maria Elisabeth Mesquita, Maria Beatriz Borba Florenzano

Metaponto,Poseidonia,water management,urbaniz

The sorts of justice in the Kallípolis

José Wilson da Silva

Plato,Republic,Justice, Soul,City

The disrespect for the social rules and the human ruin in the Euripides’ Hippolytus

Helena Vasconcelos

Euripides’ Hippolytus,transgression,sophrosyn

Plato's political passion: on philosophical walls and their permeability

Gabriele Cornelli

Plato,Ancient Philosophy,Politeia,Ancient Eth

The poet and the city: Plato fights Homer

Alzira Silvestre dos Santos

City in decadence,Homer, education,Plato

Urbanization and edification of the landscape in the High Roman Empire: The Roman Colony of Augusta Emerita

Airan dos Santos Borges

High Empire,Augustus, Augusta Emerita,Urbaniz

François Chamoux, A civilização grega. Lisboa, Portugal: Edição 70, 2003, 344pp. ISBN: 972-44-1139-7.

Maria Carolina Alves dos Santos