Principia: an international journal of epistemology

"Principia: an international journal of epistemology" was founded in 1997 and regularly publishes articles, discussions and review. The journal aims to publish original scholarly work especially in epistemology area , with an emphasis on material of general interest to academic philosophers. Originally published only in print version (ISSN: 1414-4247), in 2005 the journal began to be published also in online version (ISSN: 1808-1711). Since 1999 are published three issues per year: in April, August and December. Qualis CAPES: A2

Vol 20, No 3 (2016)

Is Hume Attempting to Introduce a New, Pragmatic Conception of a Contradiction in his Treatise?

Alan Kenneth Schwerin

Desacuerdos entre Pares Epistémicos. El Número Importa.

Nicolás Francisco Lo Guercio

Disagreement,Epistemic Peerhood

The idea of being is not uniquely innate

Inge-Bert Täljedal

Rosmini,innate ideas,the idea of being,identi

A possible delimitation between facts and states of affairs

Ana Clara Polakof

Chateaubriand,facts,states of affairs,ontolog

Quod Tibi Fieri Non Vis, Alteri ne Feceris: A Crítica de Habermas à Regra de Ouro

Delamar José Volpato Dutra

Habermas,Hobbes,golden rule,Rawls,original po

As qualidades fenomênicas da experiência e o argumento do conhecimento

Daniel Borgoni

consciência,experiência,conhecimento fenomêni

Pseudo-conditionals and causal assertibles in Stoic logic

Miguel López-Astorga

causal assertible,conditional,mental models t

¿Está disuelto el puzzle de Frege? Tres objeciones a Howard Wettstein

David Suarez-Rivero

Howard Wettstein,Frege’s puzzle,Philosophical