Principia: an international journal of epistemology

"Principia: an international journal of epistemology" was founded in 1997 and regularly publishes articles, discussions and review. The journal aims to publish original scholarly work especially in epistemology area , with an emphasis on material of general interest to academic philosophers. Originally published only in print version (ISSN: 1414-4247), in 2005 the journal began to be published also in online version (ISSN: 1808-1711). Since 1999 are published three issues per year: in April, August and December. Qualis CAPES: A2

Vol 20, No 1 (2016)

Realmente: advérbio modal e implicatura generalizada

Roberta Pires de Oliveira, Márcio Renato Guimarães

Português Brasileiro,advérbios modais,Semânti

Computing possible worlds in the history of modern astronomy

Osvaldo Pessoa Jr., Rafaela Gesing, Mariana Jó de Souza, Daniel Carlos de Melo Marcílio

The Contingency of Possibility

Jean-Yves Béziau

Possibility,contingency,Necessity,aquare of o


Martin Vacek

Modal realism,possible worlds,impossible worl

Actualism and Fictional Characters

André Leclerc

Actualism,abstract artefacts,fictional charac

Quantum Worlds

Jeffrey A. Barrett

Hugh Everett III,pure wave mechanics,many wor

Philosophical Issues from Kripke’s ‘Semantical Considerations on Modal Logic’

John Divers

Kripke,possible-world semantics,pure and appl