Principia: an international journal of epistemology

"Principia: an international journal of epistemology" was founded in 1997 and regularly publishes articles, discussions and review. The journal aims to publish original scholarly work especially in epistemology area , with an emphasis on material of general interest to academic philosophers. Originally published only in print version (ISSN: 1414-4247), in 2005 the journal began to be published also in online version (ISSN: 1808-1711). Since 1999 are published three issues per year: in April, August and December. Qualis CAPES: A2

Vol 22, No 2 (2018)

Computer Science and Philosophy

Juan Manuel Duran

Specification ,Algorithm,Computational proces

Is there epistemologically irrational knowledge?

Manuel Pérez Otero

Base-rate fallacy,Bayesian epistemology,Perce

The Dual Role of Evo-Devo Mechanisms and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis

Guillermo Folguera, Nicolás Lavagnino

EEvo-devo, Biological mechanisms,Biological h

Concepts: neither Representations nor Abilities but Rules

Federico Castellano

Concepts,Representational Theory of Mind,Conc

Do Safety Failures Preclude Knowledge?

J. R. Fett

Gettier,Safety, Anti-luck epistemology,Sensit

Underdeterminations of Consciousness in Quantum Mechanics

Raoni Wohnrath Arroyo, Lauro de Matos Nunes Filho

Metaphysical underdetermination,nterpretation

Knowledge without Value?

Felipe Rocha L. Santos

Virtue epistemology,Value problem,Reliabilism

GHINS, Michel. Uma introdução à metafísica da natureza: Representação, realismo e leis científicas.

Renato Cesar Cani

Scientific Representation,Scientific Realism,