Principia: an international journal of epistemology

"Principia: an international journal of epistemology" was founded in 1997 and regularly publishes articles, discussions and review. The journal aims to publish original scholarly work especially in epistemology area , with an emphasis on material of general interest to academic philosophers. Originally published only in print version (ISSN: 1414-4247), in 2005 the journal began to be published also in online version (ISSN: 1808-1711). Since 1999 are published three issues per year: in April, August and December. Qualis CAPES: A2

Vol 10, No 1 (2006)

Review: Identity in Physics: a Historical, Philosophical, and Formal Analysis

Adonai S. Sant’Anna

Os categóricos de observação: uma solução para viabilizar o holismo semântico "moderado" de Quine

Araceli Rosich Soares Velloso

Quine; semantical holism; observational categ

Insensitive enough semantics

Richard Vallée

Semantics; pragmatics; contextualism; minimal

Rationality and Methodological Change: Dudley Shapere's conception of scientific development

Kólá Abímbólá

Domains of inquiry; methodological relativism

The rationalist's dilemma

Vanessa Morlock

BonJour; rational insights; consciousness; au

Belief contexts and epistemic possibility

Hylarie Kochiras

Belief context; doxastic possibility; epistem