Principia: an international journal of epistemology

"Principia: an international journal of epistemology" was founded in 1997 and regularly publishes articles, discussions and review. The journal aims to publish original scholarly work especially in epistemology area , with an emphasis on material of general interest to academic philosophers. Originally published only in print version (ISSN: 1414-4247), in 2005 the journal began to be published also in online version (ISSN: 1808-1711). Since 1999 are published three issues per year: in April, August and December. Qualis CAPES: A2

Vol 9, No 1-2 (2005)

La Mente y sus Problemas

João de Fernandes Texeira


The pertinence of incontinence

António Zilhão

Action-explanation; bounded rationality; cont

Is Thought without language possible?

Diana Pérez

Mental concepts; theory of mind; triangulatio

Davidson's externalism and Swampman's troublesome biography

André Leclerc

Externalism; rooted property; Davidson’s phil

Mind, Davidson and reality

Daniel Laurier

Realism; intentionality; objectivity; depende

Davidson on turing: rationality misunderstood?

John Michael Kuczynski

Davidson; externalism; internalism; Turing’s

The unity truth and the plurality of truths

Susan Haack

Verdade, laconismo, relativismo, Ramsey, Tars

Davidson's Criticism of the proximal theory of meaning

Dirk Greimann

Davidson; Quine; proximal theory; distal theo

How serious is our ontological commitment to events as individuals?

Luiz Henrique de A. Dutra

Davidson; ontological commitment; ontological

Locke on the epistemological Status of scientific laws

Silvio Seno Chibeni

Quine; reductionism; idea-empiricism; epistem

Davidson and Skepticism: How not to Respond to the Skeptic

Otávio Bueno

Davidson; skepticism; coherence theory; knowl