Scientiae Studia

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Vol. 10

Object lessons: towards an epistemology of technoscience

Alfred Nordmann

Technoscience,Epistemology, Thing knowledge,K

Regimes of science production and diffusion: towards a transverse organization of knowledge

Anne Marcovich; Terry Shinn

Regimes of science and technology production

The becoming of the experimental mode

Astrid Schwarz

experimentalism, Experience,Bacon,Literary fo

Nanotechnology: a new regime for the public in science?

Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent

Science,Technology,Public engagement,Governan

What science for what democracy?

Janine Guespin-Michel


Reflections on science and technoscience

Hugh Lacey

Technosciencee,Science,Decontextualized appr

Reflections on the historical, epistemological, and social meaning of technoscience

Maria Caramez Carlotto

A militant rationality: epistemic values, scientific ethos, and methodological pluralism in epidemiology

Kelly Ichitani Koide

Get ready for technoscience: the constant burden of evaluation and domination

Pablo Rubén Mariconda


Hugh Lacey, Pablo Rubén Mariconda